SEO Best Practices

Nearly every company that is trying to establish a presence online will inevitably search around and try to find the best way to promote their site, and without a doubt, they inevitably hear the term "SEO".

Further investigation into SEO or "search engine optimization" usually leaves most business owners more confused than when they started due to the sheer magnitude of information available online about SEO.

To make things worse, it seems every SEO company out there is saying they are the best, have everything figured out, and can get your site to rank number one overnight! We are here to say, "don't believe everything you read!".

Proper SEO is a combination or art and science and is both pro-active and re-active. There is on-page and off-page optimization. To get your site to rank, it even takes proper coding of your actual website.

There is so many different items that influence SEO that they are hard to list in one spot. But, don't worry, we are about to make things a lot easier to understand by letting you know the one and only thing you need to know about SEO, to help your site rank.

The one thing to focus on, quite simply, is "unique original content". That's right, just write unique original content for your website, and that will set you on the right track. Of course there is more to it, like properly submitting your site to search engines after you have ensured the foundation of your site is solid and after you have followed all the best practices of SEO.

Then afterwards, it is all about continuing to optimize your site and add new unique original content, while maintaining a solid foundation and then continued off-page optimization.

That's where we come in. We can manage your entire SEO campaign and ensure that all best practices are followed, that your site foundation is solid, that new unique original content is being created and published, and continued off-page optimization is completed on a regular basis.

The final piece of the puzzle is accurate reporting, which will ensure that the campaign is working.

Why trust us? We have run many successful campaigns for companies all over the world, and we also own and operate CheckPageRank.net which is one of the top 3,000 trafficked sites in the world.

Got questions? Reach out to us anytime. Want to optimize your site? Get in touch with us and mention this blog post and we will give you step one of our SEO best practices manual for free!

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