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Adam Bilter - Founder, President & CEO

Adam J Bilter Background in Finance and Accounting. Masters Degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, with Technology and Marketing focus. Also currently pursuing his second Masters Degree in Software Engineering and Web Technologies at Harvard University. Self professed technology nerd that enjoys keeping up on emerging technology and the latest internet tech. Adam is certified by Google as a partner agency, with training in Search Advertising, Advanced Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Analytics. Adam personally wrote and coded the site templates and action-office software that contributed to OnlyOnlineMarketing's success. He also enjoys playing guitar, working out every day, and traveling to new places all over the world (with his laptop and iPhone to keep the company running smoothly). In addition to living in Chicago, Adam spends part of each year in Lake Como Italy.

Designer - Victoria Casprovsca

The Team - Adam runs the show but can't do it alone. He is joined by a dedicated team of 10 including our Designer, Copywriter, Server Admin, Web Programming Engineer, PPC Programming Engineer, Billing Manager and more.

10. Amazing programmer and Tech Founder, Nate Blecharczyk, CTO of AirBnB

11. Just before the live TV interview with Chip Conley, Head of Hospitality for AirBnB

12. Adam at the 2015 WebSummit Technology Conference in Dublin Ireland

13. Speaking engagement in Los Angeles, 2016

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