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After ten years in business we have learned a lot. We know online marketing and the Google Ads platform in and out. So naturally over time, we believe we have a very clear understanding about how to make Google Ads better. Imagine it like you are driving the "Google Ads" car to get where you and your business want to go but it's missing the steering wheel and speedometer! Google Ads is amazing for getting traffic, but it's missing two important parts; the landing page and the campaign reporting/management system. That's where the new Ads+ comes in. Our system builds on the Google Ads platform and adds the missing pieces. Hence the name Ads+! An Ads+ campaign includes all three important parts to make a Google Ads campaign successful. Those three parts are the Google Ads campaign, a custom lead capture page and form, and our Ads+ campaign management, leads management and reporting software. If your business needs leads, don't make the mistake of running a Google Ads campaign without Ads+. You can check us out at GoogleAdsPlus.com. Our official launch is January 1st, 2020!

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