Try it out has implemented an enterprise level support system in order to provide our clients with the absolute best service possible. With our new support center, you can: 1. Learn about the features of action-office and the suite of services. 2. Learn how properly using action-office can help your campaign performance. 3. Search our knowledge base to get quick answers to your questions. 4. Submit support requests to get an answer to a specific account related question. Frequently Asked Questions: service basics: Every day, people search google for the services you offer. Your text ads on the Google Adwords system put your message in front of these potential clients and brings you targeted traffic. Your action-page will convert a percentage of these qualified visitors into real time leads when they make the decision to complete your form or call your call tracking number. Then, your leads are automatically loaded into action-office so you can turn these leads into paying clients and easily provide feedback on the leads so that we can make your account better over time! So, adwords brings you traffic, action-page converts traffic into leads, and action-office helps us interpret and analyze the results. How do I use action-office? You can use the lead management functions with the Leads Inbox Tab. Under this tab, action-office will list your new or open leads and leads that you are currently negotiating a sale with which are referred to as active leads. By clicking on the green arrow, you will be brought to the lead info detail page. The comments section will allow you to perform basic "customer-relationship-management" or CRM functions like recording comments for each lead. Record your comments for each email, phone call or interaction with your leads. This will allow you to effectively manage multiple leads and will help you track your lead through the buying process, with the goal of a finalized sale. Also on the lead detail page, you can update the category, quality, and revenue of each lead. Here is a quick breakdown about which category is appropriate for each lead. Open leads are new leads that have not been contacted yet. Active leads are leads that you have contacted and that you are currently following up with until they have been closed or not closed. Closed leads are leads that you have closed a deal with and signed and have become paying clients of yours. Cold leads are leads that you have not been able to reach or that you were not able to close. You can also update the quality of the lead. There are two choices. If you select "Good Lead", you are telling us that you would like more leads like this one. Good leads are leads that resulted in a sale, leads that typed in an appropraite keyword or keyword phrase related to your services, or leads that were genuinely interested in your services, even if it didn't result in a sale. A "Bad Lead" is a lead that got to your page with a keyword that is un-related to your services, or was in no way interested in your services and by selecting this category, you are telling us that you would not like more leads like this one. Finally, when a lead is closed and becomes a paying client of yours, you can move them to the "Closed Lead" category, and update their revenue earned. It is important to update these fields because it will allow your client manager to effectively identify opportunities for increased performance and your input can ultimately impact the success of the campaign. About action-office: The action-office system provides four major functions. Lead management, Reporting, Analytics, and Editor. The action-office system will allow you to track customer interactions with the CRM functions and thereby increase your close rate. The action-office reporting system will give you valuable feedback on the performance of your campaign that will allow you and your client manager to increase the performance of your campaign over time. Next, action-office analytics functions will allow you to gain real-time insight into traffic, visitors, and searches on your action-page. Finally, the editor will allow you to make real time changes to your action-page or action-site and Adwords campaign. These functions are all seamlessly integrated between the action-office and action-page in order to give you a comprehensive lead generation, lead management, and reporting system that will help your business generate new business from start to finish. How do I improve results on my campaign? It's easy. Take a look through all your stats, and see if you can see any patterns or trends. Take a look at your stats on your google page, take a look at your leads, take a look at your analytics and see if there is anything that sticks out as unusual. Then, when you feel you have some feedback for us, just request an optimization from your client manager by filling out a support request. The client manager will have the google manager review your entire account and consider your feedback to look for optimization opportunities. How do I delete a lead? Most leads will need to stay in the action-office in order to ensure accurate reporting. You don't have to delete a lead just because its a bad lead, in fact, keeping those in there will help us make your account better over time because we can learn just as much from a bad lead as we can from a good lead. However, if you have a duplicate lead or a completely blank lead, you can delete it by clicking on the lead to get to the lead detail screen and changing the category to deleted. How do I pause my adwords ads from showing? You are in control of starting and stopping your Adwords ads. You can pause your Adwords ads at any time by clicking the pause campaign button on the google page in action-office. If you are going out of town, are to busy to follow up on new leads, or if you just don't want to use your budget that day, you can pause the campaign. Remember though, you are also in control of starting your ads back up. Pausing your Google Adwords account does not pause your monthly action-office subscription fee billing from How long does it take to see impressions, clicks, leads and results? After your account is launched and after you have clicked to activate your ads on the google page, your text ads can start showing on Google search results right away if there are active searches on Google that match your keywords. However, Google does randomly select some accounts for 3+ day billing/site policy reviews during which time your ads will not be running. Depending on how your keyword searchers re-act to the campaign, you can also start seeing new leads right away. However, because search volume is dependent on outside influences like market conditions and individual search behavior, it can take a month or more to see consistent results. During the initial three months of your campaign, we will be working hard to optimize your account to bring you real leads. During this initial launch time, it is important for your to maintain your ad spend because a reduced budget or schedule may slow your results even more. Most of our clients will see results during this time, but certain client accounts may see slow results or no results during this time due to outside influences.